A laboratory study reveals that ActivH2O totally eliminates COVID-19 on any surface with just water

The natural disinfectant generated by ActivH2O technology has proven to be more powerful than any chemical product, while being totally safe and easy to use. Once the water generated comes in contact with the virus, this is completely eliminated without the need for rubbing or rinsing.

In addition, the study has highlighted the quality and technological efficiency of the solution, since the water treated with ActivH2O is effective against COVID for at least 24 hours.

These results are a direct consequence of the research and technological developments carried out over the years, which allow ActivH2O to offer the market a wide range of solutions, robust and capable of regulating and adapting the level of disinfectant generated to each application. In addition, the intelligence with which the techonology ActivH2O has been equipped, allows customers to control and manage solutions remotely from any device in realtime.

ActivH2O is synonymous with sustainability. The great benefits that chemical-free disinfection brings to ecosystems and to those who inhabit them are undeniable. Killing the virus is the goal we all share, but following the recent study published, we can say that there are two safe ways to eliminate it, with or without consequences.

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