About US

We are a company concerned with the problem of water and thanks to our ActivH2O technology, developed and patented in collaboration with the National Center for Scientific Research of France (CNRS) and with the University of Montpellier, we work to make it possible for everyone to have access to quality water.

With HQ in Madrid, we provide solutions to clients in more than 20 countries and continue working with the ambition to be a benchmark in the sector and offer a wide range of technological solutions that allow water purification without the use of chemicals.

Goal 1 aims to eradicate extreme poverty worldwide, and to boost access to economic resources, basic services and social protection for all people.

Goal 2 aims to end hunger and malnutrition by ensuring access to safe and nutritious food; enhancing the sustainability of food production systems; improving the quality of agricultural employment; and strengthening global food commodity markets.

Goal 3 aims to reduce the global rate of maternal and child mortality, achieve universal health coverage and access to sexual and reproductive health services for all, end disease epidemics, reduce deaths related to tobacco, alcohol and road accidents.

Goal 4 aims at ensuring access to free, equitable and quality education for all, eliminating gender disparities in education and promoting education for sustainable development.

Goal 5 aims to provide women and girls with equal access to education and health care, opportunities for decent work and representation in political and economic decision-making processes.

Goal 6 aims to achieve universal and equitable access to safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, and to improve water quality globally

Objective 7 aims, in the short term, to ensure universal access to affordable, clean and modern energy to improve the living conditions of millions of people.

Goal 8 aims to achieve sustainable and inclusive economic growth that benefits all people equally and does not harm the environment.

Goal 9 aims to achieve sustainable and quality infrastructure for all, promote a new sustainable industry with clean industrial technologies and processes, foster innovation and research and achieve equal access to information through the internet.

Goal 10 aims to reduce inequality of income and opportunity between and within countries. It promotes the social, economic and political inclusion of all people, promotes international policies to improve the control of financial markets and institutions and encourages development cooperation.

Goal 11 seeks to achieve sustainable cities and communities, through access for all people to adequate, affordable and safe housing, basic services and means of transport and by reducing environmental impacts through sustainable urban planning and improved conditions in slums.

Goal 12 aims to change the current model of production and consumption in order to achieve an efficient management of natural resources, implementing processes to avoid the loss of food, setting up an ecological use of chemicals and reducing waste.

Goal 13 seeks to mainstream climate change into the policies, strategies and plans of countries, businesses and civil society by improving the response to the problems it generates, such as natural disasters, and by promoting education and awareness among the entire population.

Objective 14 aims to protect marine and coastal ecosystems by reducing marine pollution, ending unsustainable fishing practices, promoting the growth of small island states and small scale fisheries, and promoting and strengthening international law on oceans and seas.

Goal 15 aims to promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems by combating deforestation and land degradation, taking action to conserve biodiversity, protecting endangered species and combating poaching and trafficking in protected species.

Goal 16 seeks to promote the rule of law at the national and international levels and to ensure equal access to justice for all by reducing corruption and bribery and building accountable and transparent institutions

Goal 17 aims to strengthen the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development by mobilizing and sharing knowledge, technical capacity, technology and financial resources to achieve the global agenda in all countries


Make possible for everyone to have access to quality water, offering customized solutions for each client and each problem. 


Be the leader of the market by making possible, without the use of chemicals, a pure and safe water for all.

Our pillars